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Disneyland Paris is fun for all ages. There is so much to do and see that you might want to stay for more than a day.
There are hotels available at Disneyland Paris so you will be right there and part of the whole magical experience.
No matter if you are staying at the Disney Resort or at another location you can use a shuttle service to make sure you and your family arrive at your destination safely and in comfort.

Disneyland Park Paris has something for everyone. There are 5 magical lands to visit and explore.
There are so many attractions and thrills that come in all sizes and shapes.
For the adventurous ones there is Space Mountain Mission 2, and for the younger kids there is "it's a small world".
A good family adventure is the "Pirates of the Caribbean" but you should be forewarned you may get wet on this one.
You will start your magic adventure on Main Street which is the only way to enter Disneyland Paris;
It will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.
Adventureland is filled with lush plant life and seems like you have entered a different world. It is home to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Swiss Family Treehouse.
Discoveryland is the home to the thrilling adventure in outer space on Space Mountain Mission 2 which is a family favorite. Fantasyland is the home of Mickey Mouse and his friends.
Frontierland will make you feel like the Wild West has come to life.

You are now able to get double the fun. This is because Disneyland Paris has added another theme park called the Walt Disney Studios Park. It is located next to Disneyland and is all about the wonderful world of animation and special effects.
Besides rides and attractions there is a lot more at Disneyland Paris to see and do. There are always new events happening at the park.

Everyday is a celebration of some kind. There is live music, dancing, concerts and street artists to entertain you. At the Gaumont Multiplex there are 15 screens and an IMAX theater which show all the latest films. You can enjoy 4 different bars and 10 themed restaurants serving delicious meals.
When you are planning your itinerary for your holiday in Paris you'll want to include a couple of days for exploring Disneyland Park Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park.

You should make sure you also reserve a shuttle service to take you to and from your adventure.
That way you won't have to cope with busy and hetic public transportation.
You will be able to get you and your family to your destination in half the time and in comfort.
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