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Paris France is a wonderful place to visit. Most people when they think of Paris they think of romance, fine wine, rich cuisine and the Eiffel Tower. Some people would be surprised to know that it is a great place for family holidays as well. It is home to Disneyland Paris where everyone can be a child again. There are convenient Paris shuttle services available to get you to and from this magical place and the best shuttle service is of course,

There is so much to do in Paris that it would take weeks to see and enjoy all the attractions and sites. This is the main reason why people will keep going back year after year to enjoy this historic and romantic area. There is something for everyone in Paris, young and old, rich and poor.

Paris has an abundance of museums and monuments to explore. There are several attractions that are must sees and draw 23.5 million visitors a year. The Eiffel Tower which is one of the most recognised monuments in the world. The Louvre Museum is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It is the home to Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa".  The Cite des Sciences at de I'Industrie is a fun, hands -on science museum which has interactive exhibits including ones pertaining to anatomy and biology.

Most people think that Paris is too expensive to visit. However, there are many things to do in this impressive city that are free or cost very little. You can stroll alongside the Seine River, which slices a path through the centre of Paris, which is also called the City of Lights. You can check out the various bridges that will give you majestic views of the river and city.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most exquisite pieces of architecture in the world. You can stroll inside and out of this magnificent work of art at no charge. If you came to Paris to see the latest fashions; you are in luck. You can attend Galleries Lafayette Fashion Show which is presented weekly and there is no charge.

Getting to the historic city Paris is simple. There are several airports in Paris that have international flights that are incoming and outgoing all the time. From any of the airports it is easy to get to your accommodations by using a Paris shuttle service that will take you directly to your hotel. You can also use this service to get to the airport when you are leaving this wonderful, romantic city.

Paris is a bustling city which has many different ways to get to and from your destination including the Metro, shuttle services, taxies and walking.  Paris has an underground train system which is called the Metro that can get you to anywhere in the city.

Paris is also an ideal city for walking around. You can stroll through the streets and take in the magnificent buildings and visit the markets and museums at your leisure. You can take a stroll by the Seine River and enjoy Paris at its best.

If you are out for an adventure you can always have fun on a Velib. Velib are bicycles that you can rent all throughout the city. There are stations located everywhere so you can pick up a Velib at one station and when you have had enough exercise you can drop it off at a different station.

No matter your reason for visiting this highly romantic and cultural place; you will have no difficultly getting to and from your destinations if you use the different types of transportation that Paris has to offer, including Paris shuttle services and the Metro. You will fall in love with the City of Lights and want to return again and again.


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